Salomon EXO

The task of this project was to create a packaging design for one of Salomon’s new products EXO III CALF (Compression tights for calves) and an In-Store Display for the entire Exo Sensifit Range.

Packaging Solution:
The tights are placed in the packaging to represent the letter “X” from the EXO logo. The product is held in position with elastic bands. When you purchase it, you can easily fold it thanks to die-line and save space in your bag. The solution is simple and practical.

salomon packaging 1
Salomon Packaging 3
Salomon Packaging 2
Salomon Packaging 4
Salomon Packaging 5

In-store Display Solution:
Smart construction elements made out of two hexagons with different dimensions and couple of rods allow you to build an in-store display which will stand out. The solution allows for endless variations of the display.


salomon display 3
salomon display 2
salomon display 1
salomon display 4