Peacoque – Innovative Condom Packaging

The Brand Name

The name of the brand is derived from the word ‘peacock’ (a symbol for beauty and pride), and the French word ‘coque’ which in translation means hull/shell.
The coined term fits perfectly for a condom brand name since it represents the product’s functional and emotional benefits.

The Main Range

The graphic language of the brand is minimalistic using colour to represent the peacock association.

Packaging Structure

The packaging structure is a very simple one. It requires no gluing (unlike the regular condom boxes). It opens like a fan and there’s enough space for 5 condoms.

The Special Range

The special range condoms (consisted of flavoured, season and occasion based packagings) use shades of two or more colours. There’s also a special Rainbow pack that pays tribute to the gay community:

The Foil Pack

The foil pack follows the same pattern as the packaging.

The Packaging Strength

To test the strength of the packaging, I made a little crash test. The peacoque packaging did not crash even when a weight was thrown over it. Which means that, unlike the standard condom box, the peacoque box can be safely kept inside a purse or a pocket.

Packaging as an interior decoration

When opened, the side of the packaging reveals another dimension and transforms the packaging into a decorative interior element. This creates another use of the packaging itself.
Two packs can be combined to create an abstract version of a peacock.

Want to use this packaging concept?

If anyone is interested in bringing this concept to life, please use the contact form to get in touch.